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of job seekers that applied for a job last year didn’t ever hear back from the employer.

Job Alerts

Having a passive applicant pool is like an untapped gold mine. Any visitors to your career site can sign up to receive alerts for future job openings. In many cases this will allow you to fill your open positions more quickly and with a more qualified applicant pool that is looking for the right opportunity. This process is completely automated through the applicant tracking software and so you don’t even need to think about it.

Rejection Letters

Communication with applicants is hugely important to your brand and your ability to have positive future recruiting experiences…even if it isn’t completely positive. Rejection letters provide closure for your applicants and can encourage them to apply again. We provide a professional, customizable template that can be emailed out to those not selected directly within the applicant tracking system.

Distribution to Managers

Because we provide unlimited manager logins, you can easily distribute candidates to hiring managers and other key decision makers. These restricted logins allow them to see the applicant data, add notes, and even rank the applicants they review. This collaboration can decrease your time-to-fill, encourage communication, and spread the hiring responsibility out to all involved.

Confirmation Emails

The world of applicant tracking systems has created some uncertainty among the general population of job seekers. When they hit submit, many are unsure where the application went and whether it even really arrived. With ApplicantPro, we take the guessing out of the application process by sending customizable, automated confirmation emails thanking your applicants and providing them with further information as needed. Communication makes everyone happy!