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Email Templates
Seamlessly communicate with your applicants with automatic Thank You emails and rejection emails for those that don’t qualify.
Because of the current economic conditions, more people are out of work and therefore, more people are looking for work. In your world, this translates to even more applicants for each open position. Streamlining your hiring process is essential! With ApplicantPro, we not only get your applicants applying online for open positions but we give you a way to communicate with each one adding validity and professionalism to your organization.

Once an applicant goes through the application process and clicks submit, they will be sent a personalized and professional email thanking them for applying with your organization. It will let them know that their application is being reviewed and encourages them sign up for email alerts. Many of our customers find that this feature alone helps their applicants feel connected and appreciated.

Another level of communication provided by the ApplicantPro system is denial emails. When you set up your application questions, you can set the parameters for those questions that will allow you screen people out or in, based on minimum qualifications. One example of this is if your open position requires that anyone considered must have a high school diploma. If any applicant answers that they do not have a diploma, they will be removed from the running and will be sent a polite and professional denial email thanking them for applying but letting them know that they are no longer being considered for the position.

Although it may be a disappointment to them, they will appreciate the communication and hopefully will apply for another position for which they are a fit.