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Of executives cite lack of collaboration for workplace failures.
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Manager Logins

When making hiring decisions, collaboration is key. But additional logins can be expensive with other Applicant Tracking Systems. We don’t make you pick your favorites. We offer unlimited logins for managers. This allows everyone to see the applicant pool you want him or her to see, review, rate and much more.

Job Fit Assessments

Take a minute to think of the star employee within a department. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a tool that would allow you to identify a candidate that is similar in motivation, strengths, behavior and cognitive abilities? This incredible knowledge can be yours by using ApplicantPro’s job fit assessment tool. Establish a benchmark of top performers and then compare applicants to that benchmark. It doesn’t remove all the risk of that new hire but it definitely helps!


Within each candidate’s profile, you and your managers can add notes throughout the process. With the unlimited manager logins, this adds one more level of compliance and collaboration. Get those sticky notes online in one usable, trackable area.

Track Hiring Stages & Disposition

As your applicants move through the hiring process, you can show their progress along the way as well with stage tracking within our Applicant Tracking System. At a glance you and your hiring mangers can see if an applicant is ready to be interviewed or has been knocked out for not meeting minimum requirements for the job. Continue the tracking with disposition code tracking as well. We have a special place for that information that can be pulled in a easy-to-use report at the end of the year. Compliance and peace of mind, all in one place.