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Of all job applicants lie on their resume.

Job Questions

Asking the right questions will bring you the right applicants. Every job is unique within your organization and your job questions should be the same. Within each posting, you are able to ask questions that are directly associated with the open position. The applicant responses make screening a snap.

Auto Disqualify

Certain responses to your application questions are deal breakers. If an applicant doesn’t meet the minimum qualification, they will not be hired, period. ApplicantPro skims this group off and puts them in a separate area, away from other more qualified applicants allowing you to see top talent in your applicant pool without clutter.


Because we allow you as many logins as you need, communication among HR and hiring managers is important. We allow you three ways to rank your applicants within the system and to collaborate on ranking applicants. Our 5 star ranking is perhaps the easiest. Each person involved with the process, simply clicks on the number of stars they believe an applicant should receive based on application, resume, interview, etc. Our hiring software will take a mathematical calculation and give you an average overall ranking. It is easy to see and easy to use. The other two are customizable features that can be used based on your own internal criteria.

Work Value Tests

Resumes and interviews can only tell you so much about a candidate. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what someone’s work ethic is, before they are offered the job? What about their integrity? It would be great to have some insight into this as well before they become an employee. Pre-employment assessment testing is an invaluable tool that allows you a glimpse into the values your applicant will bring with them. Integrated testing is available through the ApplicantPro system.

Video Interviews

Standing around the water cooler, I am sure you have a story or two to tell about terrible interview you sat through, right? So much time is spent…and wasted…conducting interviews with the wrong applicants. Some candidates look great on paper but in person might not fit your company’s culture, or clearly don’t have the skills represented on paper. One study found that half of all job candidates lie on their resume. Skip the terrible interviews by introducing video interviewing as part of your hiring process. Each candidate can answer the same set of questions through their smartphone or tablet on their time and then you and your team can review, rewatch, and rate at your convenience. You’ll have less to talk about around the water cooler but more time for the right things.

Skills Testing

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see your applicants in action? To really see if the skills they claim to possess are legitimate skills of theirs? It is not only possible but it is an integrated feature in ApplicantPro. Skills testing such as typing speed tests (both words per minute (wpm) and 10 key), Microsoft Office, managerial and leadership skills, work place skills such as analyzing, attention to detail, language, grammar and math skills are all options for a deeper level of screening applicants.