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Onboarding Software & Employee Onboarding
Onboarding takes the paper out of hiring paperwork and makes it easy for you to take your new employee from hire to ready for work. Our hiring software is integrated and easy to use.
Our goal is to get all of the forms that you use in your new hire packet online and in an easy-to-use format. From the Federal Form I-9 to your company’s uniform policy, we can accommodate them all. You are never asked to use a form bank, we use your forms, the way you are used to seeing them.

We know what a pain it can be to shuffle stacks of forms for all of your new employees. Making copies, explaining the forms, waiting to have them completed, going back and forth making sure all of the information is there, legibility, filing, and storing them for years at a time add to your already busy scheudle.

Because we understand and have expereinced these frustrations first hand, we have created a way for you to send your new hires access to their forms to complete. At their convenience and before their first day on the job, your employees can log in and complete their paperwork, sign it electronically, and submit it to you. It is easy and convenient for them.

Not only is our onboarding system easy for your new hires to use, it is also easy for you to use; it is secure, encrypted, compliant, paperless and integrates directly with our hiring software.

For more information about our onboarding solution, please visit us at ehireforms.com.