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Decentralized Hiring Process
Do you have applicant information spread out all over the office? Are you decorating your office with filing cabinets that are quickly filling up with applicant resumes?
When you post a job, does your email inbox become inundated with resumes with no good way of sifting through all of the data?

First of all, you are not alone. Second of all, there is a better, easier way. ApplicantPro hiring software gives you a centralized location to send all of your applicants to apply. There they can submit a resume, fill out an online employment application, self-identify with race, gender and other information, answer your screening questions.

You have a place, an easy-to-use electronic place, to review applicant data, screen out unqualified applicants (with a friendly rejection email), collaborate with your managers or other key decision makers, track, report, store and so much more.

Get it all together today with ApplicantPro hiring software.