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Credit Unions & Banks
Banks and credit unions are distinctive and that you have your own set of challenges when it comes to hiring. Several of our bank customers use ApplicantPro because they need a system for tracking the Affirmative Action of their applicants and staying compliant. They love our easy-to-use reporting. They also really enjoy the job push feature. Many use our push to free job boards to recruit for tellers on up to their vice presidents and find that they are able to generate a large and qualified applicant pool. Our unlimited users are appealing to banks and credit unions because of the differing branch locations with one central HR department. ApplicantPro truly makes it easy for all involved with hiring to be able to view and collaborate about specific applicants.

Unlimited Logins

Unlike many of our competitors, we price our hiring software based on number of employees within your organization. The good thing about that is that anyone that needs access to see applicant data can do so without breaking the bank. You can limit which applicants they see based on department, location, branch, store, etc. They only see the data for those they are responsible for and the ones you assign them. Collaborating in this way makes it so your team is more efficient and can work together to find the best fit for every open position.

Free Job Board Posting

Would you like to generate a nice applicant pool without breaking the bank? ApplicantPro helps you post to several popular and effective job boards with a few clicks of your mouse. Sites like Indeed.com, SimplyHired.com, and others can generate a large pool without costing you more money.


Whether you are required to have an affirmative action plan, are regulated by the OFCCP or simply like to track EEOC data just in case, ApplicantPro takes the headache out of keeping your organization compliant. Our hiring software can be set to automatically track your applicant data for each and every applicant. Once the data is collected, with a few clicks you can have the data returned smart reports such as EEOC Compliance Logs and Affirmative Action Plan Tracking reports. You’ve got it; no more spreadsheets or data entry.

Branded Career Site

With ApplicantPro there is one electronic place to send all of your applicants. No more emails, faxes, file folders full of resumes, phone calls or walk-in traffic. All of that applicant traffic can be sent to one place, your professionally branded career site. Not only can you send them to one place, you can also have one place to receive, review, screen, communicate, collaborate, and invite. Let’s get organized today!