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Applicant Communication
We learn from a young age to use our manners. With applicants, there is no exception. ApplicantPro helps automate your applicant communication; your mother would be so proud!
An individualized email, addressed personally to each applicant, sent out within a few minutes of them applying for a position with your company would be a nice touch. It would be so nice to have the time to review each resume or application upon arrival and sit down and write a thank you email to them. Although this is the ideal, reality for most hiring personnel is far from that. Many times, hiring is one of many responsibilities you juggle daily.

ApplicantPro takes the time commitment and guess work out of communicating with your applicants. Our hiring software can be set up to automatically generate a customized thank you email to each applicant that applies for the job. Harboring positive feelings and encouraging them to apply again. If that applicant doesn’t meet the minimum qualifications for a specific position, a polite rejection email can be set to automatically respond, on your time frame, letting them know that they are no longer being considered.

Some of our customers also choose to communicate with applicants further through ApplicantPro. They request a background check authorization be completed or invite a candidate or group of candidates to interview for the opening. No more missed opportunities to communicate with your applicants.